Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Beatles


Firstly I do apologise for the gross length of time since I last published anything, way over a month!

Anyway apologises aside today I am going to write about John, Paul, George and Ringo or the fab four if you prefer. Yes I’m going to be writing about the Beatles! Now to be honest I don’t really need to provide any kind of introduction to the Beatles and their work, pretty much everyone has heard or listened to their songs. Also I think it would be appropriate to write a blog post about them at this time than at any other, because as I’m sure most of you are aware 2009 is the 40th anniversary of the Beatles final studio album Abbey road. That is the one with them walking across the Zebra crossing.
Now you may be surprised to read that I wasn’t even born at the time when the Beatles were actually an album producing group, however my Father was and he as a wide collection of Beatles albums, Both Vinyl and CD. So as a child I heard a lot of Beatles music, which I think influenced my musical tastes and musical style as I became a teenager and started to play guitar.
Enough personal yarns, to be honest many may regard the Beatles as way too overrated. And they may be right as the Beatle mania of the sixties was a little bizarre, however not many would say the songs themselves and the music was overrated. For a start the Beatles albums virtually defined the sixties musically and, the Beatles most famous album Sgt Pepper’s lonely Hearts club band is arguably the best Pop/rock n roll album of the entire decade.
Now as I mentioned this year is the 40th anniversary of Abbey road so to celebrate the BBC as put on loads of Beatles documentaries and a couple of the bands films. Which not to be cruel aren’t brilliant. Also all the albums have been rereleased and digitally remarstered, which is nice to see. One final thing before I go which is your favourite Beatle (a bit of a cliché question I do admit).

PS I will try to make my next post a bit sooner than the last one